Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Columbia River Spring Chinook Run

Cowlitz River 2017 Spring Chinook

The 2017 Columbia River Spring Chinook run was originally estimated to be 160,400 fish which would have been in line with the 10 year average and the normal fishing seasons were set, included snake river fisheries, as fisheries managers expected escapement levels to be high enough to allow commercial, tribal and recreational fisheries.

As of May 16th, 2017 the 160,400 pre-season forecast has been slashed to only 83,000.  That is about half of the original forecast and resulted in the closing of the snake river recreational fisheries.  

There has been a lot of talk this season about why the Spring Chinook catches were low.  First the Columbia River was flooded during the most popular time to fish the Columbia Portland fishery from March 15th through the 2nd Saturday in April.  Catch rates were so low that fisheries managers re-opened the lower Columbia Spring Chinook Fishery 2 times!  They opened the river for sport fisherman to catch their quota on the lower river based on the higher 160,400 pre-season forecast.  

The fisheries managers conducted 'test fisheries' where they used nets to fish in the lower columbia river for king salmon to see if there were any spring chinook hanging out in the lower river.  The managers assured everyone that the fish were there and they just weren't moving upriver to where people were trying to catch them.

Then the water flows coming out of the Bonneville Dam got really high.  Historically high water flows, fisheries managers suggested, were keeping the 2017 Columbia River Spring Chinook from heading upstream through the fish passage gates and over Bonneville Dam.

We've been checking the Bonneville Dam Fish Counts DAILY, every morning pressing the refresh button over and over waiting for the thousands of fish we've been expecting to show up.  With over or near a thousand fish a day going over the dam as of May 16th it appears that the fish could all straggle in, but it's probably not very likely.

Lucky for us the Cowlitz and Kalama Rivers have been fair to good for the 2017 spring season so far and we are grateful that we are catching fish.

Hopefully more fish show up and fisheries managers can target the cause of the super low Columbia run and do something to fix it.

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Buoy 10 Fishing Guides

The Buoy 10 Fishing Season most commonly refers to the Fall King Salmon Run on the Columbia River which is held just inside the mouth of the Columbia River.  Buoy 10 Fishing Guides provide full service Columbia River Fishing Charters near Astoria, Oregon on the Lower Columbia River.

Each year when August 1st arrived the Buoy 10 King Salmon Fishery begins with thousands of people seeking to catch their 2 fish limit of 1 king salmon and 1 coho salmon.

Since Astoria, Oregon is near the Oregon Coast it is a very popular tourist destinations.  And I guess you've deduced that this place is busy even without fishing.  That means you MUST book both your fishing trip and your hotels as far in advance as possible.

Astoria Oregon is home to lots of breweries and boutique restaurants.  It is also home to the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

When you fish with a Buoy 10 Fishing Guide be sure to book with a guide who is moored at the West Mooring Basin or Hammond Marina.  Fish cleaning and packaging is available right on the dock.

All gear, bait and tackle is always provided and most boats take a maximum of 6 passengers.

The Buoy 10 King Salmon Fishery lasts from August 1st through Labor Day each year with more king salmon being caught earlier and more coho salmon being caught later each year.  The best time to take a trip with one of our Buoy 10 Fishing Guides if you want to try and catch a trophy buoy 10 king salmon is between August 1st and 25th.  If you want to take a trip with one of our Buoy 10 Fishing Guides when the best chance is to catch lots of easy limits of coho salmon is going to be between August 20th and Labor Day.

We have the best team of Buoy 10 Fishing Guides, with lots of years of experience and the newest fleet of boats you will find on the water.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Moses Lake Walleye Fishing Trips

NICE Walleye Moses Lake, WA

We make Moses Lake Walleye Fishing EASY and FUN For the entire family.  Fishing for Walleye at Moses Lake is easy when you are on the water every day and know the feeding habits of these fish.  The Pre-Spawn Walleye Bite at Moses Lake has been off the hook so far this season.  Expect excellent fishing now through May and into June.

Buoy 10 King Salmon Fishing

Limits of Coho Salmon September at Astoria, Oregon
It's that time of year when the 2017 Columbia River King Forecasts are in and we all start drooling over the HUGE KING SALMON we now know are headed into our reach at the Astoria Buoy 10 King Salmon Fishery.

The 2017 Buoy 10 Fall King Salmon Forecast is set and we are jumping out of our boots in excitement for August 1st to FINALLY GET HERE!

Buoy 10 King Salmon Trips meet at the West Mooring Basin in Astoria, Oregon August 1st through Labor Day each year.

This fishing area is defined by Buoy 10 and Rocky Point Tongue Point areas within the lower Columbia excluding an area for Commercial Fishing at Young's Bay.

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