Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Columbia River Fishing Guides

The mighty Columbia River is home to millions of returning salmon each year.  With runs for king salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon and steelhead and various strains of these fish all headed for different upriver destinations planning the timing of your columbia river fishing trip can seem a bit daunting.

Columbia river fishing guides have you covered.  Our columbia river fishing guides are all seasoned veterans of the river.  Many people think of native american fishers when it comes to salmon expertise and being one with nature.  However, you would be hard pressed to find any native american in Washington or Oregon who spends more hours each year on the river than any of our columbia river fishing guides.

Our columbia river fishing guides are often licensed to fish in both Washington and Oregon.  Washington State gives commercial guide licenses for salmon and steelhead and Oregon gives guide/outfitter licenses.  The reason we obtain Oregon licenses is because there is a moratorium in Washington State on Charter Licenses for salmon.  This means that if we want to take you fishing below the longview bridge on a columbia river fishing trip, we must obtain an Oregon guide/outfitter license which allows us to fish all the way to the mouth of the columbia river.

Columbia river fishing guides must obtain charter captain licenses from the U.S. Coast Guard.  They must provide proof of insurance to the state that licenses them.  

Most importantly by booking a trip with one of our Columbia River Fishing Guides all you have to do is show up dressed for the day with lunch and recreational fishing licences.

Your columbia river fishing guide will take you out on an adventure on the columbia river to fish for king salmon, chinook salmon, sockeye salmon and sturgeon.