Sunday, August 7, 2016

Humptulips River Fishing

The Humptulips River is famous for huge king salmon and plentiful coho and chum salmon. The Humptulips River sees thousand of salmon return each fall beginning in good number in September with coho returning some years into January.  The sport fishing season for the Humptulips River usually begins September 1st.

Early in September you can expect to catch lots of King Salmon.  The 2016 season is set for a 2 king salmon per person limit for September. Early in the season the the Humptulips our Fishing Guides usually fish the lower stretches of the river because that is where the king salmon are early in the season.  As soon as there is a good amount of rain some coho salmon will start entering the river and some king salmon will also move to the middle stretches of the river.  Typically the first rains are short and do not sustain a mid or upper river fishery for more than a day or two.  Our Humptulips River Fishing Guides are very experienced with the influx of salmon, river levels and temperatures so know very well each day what the best stretch of river is for you to catch the most fish.

Usually by the first week of October you can expect to be fishing the middle section of the Humptulips River with your fishing guides.  Once it has rained steady enough that the fish are moving through the lower and middle sections of river you can expect to fish the upper float of the main Humptulips River for King and Coho Salmon.  The main float starts near the fish hatchery where you float through the 'chute' in the dark. It is quite an adventure to hear the sounds of the rushing water get louder and louder in the dark morning and then culminate as you float through the chute in the darkness.  Fishing the Humptulips is an adventure for many reason but this is one of the first you will experience each morning with your fishing guide.

There are several popular spots to fish along the river that most fishing guides and anglers know about.  What the majority of people do not know is how to successfully fish the Humptulips is all conditions in both low and high water for catching you limits of king and coho salmon.

Many guides have been fishing the Humptulips for years and more guides have been fising it only 2-3 years or are just starting out taking customers on guided fishing tours here.  We guarantee that when you fish with Waters West Guide Service you are fishing with the absolute MOST EXPERIENCED fishing guides on the entire river.

No team of guides has put more hours in or caught as many fish as we have!  If you're looking for the best of the best in a Humptulips River Fishing Guide - you've found us!

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