Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brewster Pool Sockeye Fishing at Lake Pateros

Escapement Goals for the Okanogan will be reached for Sockeye Salmon in 2016!

If you're looking for a sockeye fishing guide for Lake Pateros aka Brewster Pool - Look No Further!  

Our fishing guides have many years of experience helping customers catch lots of Sockeye and King Salmon in the Brewster Pool and we let YOU catch the fish!  Light tackle, no downriggers or fidgety guides worrying about netting every fish.  You will have a great time, catch fish and kids can lose fish after fish and still catch their limits.  

If you want a fishery that will keep kids engaged and excited - this is it!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Columbia River Sockeye Salmon

Columbia River Sockeye Fishing Update June 28, 2016

The last two years you have enjoyed very good fishing for Sockeye Salmon as a result of the strong runs we had in 2014 and 2015.  In 2015 there was an actual return of 512,500 Sockeye to the Columbia River.  Due to warm water temperatures there was a high mortality rate before these fish reached their spawning grounds.  As a result, the expected return for 2016 was only 101,600 fish.  Much to our and everyone else's surprise, including WDFW fish biologists, as of June 28th there are 255,498 Sockeye Salmon over Bonneville dam so far.  

Before the fish arrived the season for Sockeye was not likely to happen.  June 3rd WDFW sent out a notice closing Sockeye Salmon in the Hanford Reach area.  They must not have been engaged in the same Sockeye Dance we were here because as we watched 10s then 100s and 1000s of Sockeye cross over Bonneville Dam in early June we KNEW that this was going to be a great Sockeye year!

Effective Today WDFW re-opened Sockeye fishing from the HWY bridge at Pasco all the way up to Priest Rapids Dam for 3 Sockeye.  WDFW is being very conservative at the moment because they fear warm weather in the coming days will bring water temperatures up and may result in more Sockeye to die off before reaching their spawning grounds.

The big question on all of our minds is WHEN ARE THEY OPENING BREWSTER FOR SOCKEYE??  The director of WDFW, Jim Unsworth, was on NW WildCountry Radio Saturday morning saying that they definitely WILL open the upper Columbia River for Sockeye it is just a matter of when they will be confident enough that escapement numbers will be reached.  

As of today, June 28th, 13,068 Sockeye have passed Wells Dam which is above Brewster and they are headed for Lake Osoyoos in the Okanogan.  The management goal for Sockeye in the upper Columbia is only 65,000 fish over Priest Rapids Dam and as of today their are 77,900 Sockeye well over the escapement goal.

At the moment the Brewster Pool is open for King Salmon retention.  The summer return has been very good this year with 69,451 Summer Chinook over Bonneville so far and thousands more crossing each day.  The limit is 2 adult king salmon now through August.  There are several places to fish within 1/2 hour of Brewster for King Salmon that are very productive based on the time of day.  

If you have a Sockeye trip planned for July 1st through July 5th or 6th you can reschedule for Sockeye if they do not open Sockeye before your trip or you can fish for King Salmon for the same discounted rate you booked your Sockeye trip at.

We expect the WDFW to announce a Sockeye Season for the Brewster Pool any day!  We will update everyone as soon as we hear and look forward to seeing you all at Brewster in July for Sockeye!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Buoy 10 King Salmon Fishing Guides and Charters

The 2016 Buoy 10 forecast is for 960,000 Huge King Salmon.  The popular sport fishery know as Buoy 10 is names after the nautical marker Buoy 10 which marks the entrance to the Columbia River - the same entrance that millions of salmon enter each year headed to upriver destinations such as the Cowlitz River, Kalama River, Lewis River, Willamette River, Snake River and many more.

The 2016 Buoy 10 King Salmon Season is going to be off the hook with nearly 1 Million King and Coho Salmon entering the Columbia River in mostly August and September.

One of our most popular services is guided fishing and charters for king and coho salmon at Buoy 10.  The best time to go is August 1st through Labor Day.  The 2016 season for king and coho salmon starts August 1st and goes through Labor Day this year which will give everyone plenty of time to book a Buoy 10 Charter Trip for King Salmon.

Astoria boasts thousands of fishing trips during the peak king salmon run with many sport fishing charter and fishing guides taking tens of thousands of anglers out to catch ocean fresh salmon without actually going in the ocean.  

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