Friday, September 25, 2015

Grays Harbor Fall Salmon Fishing 2015

The Grays Harbor area rivers include the Humptulips, Wishkah, Wynoochee, Satsop are dominated by the Chehalis River with it's huge drainage that stretches all the way from Lewis County in SW Washington to the Grays Harbor Estuary which flows into the Pacific Ocean between Westport and Ocean Shores, Washington.

We employ sport fishing techniques including using spinners and twitching jigs on the Chehalis River above the Mary's River Boat Ramp in Montesano all the way to Centralia's Fort Borst Park Launch.  There are many launches between these two points so we keep meeting times and places fluid for these trips to be able to best target the hottest locations throughout the season or catching the most fish.

Chehalis River Coho Salmon November 2014
The Chehalis River 2015 Season is set for a 3 coho salmon limit again this year.  The best time to fish the Chehalis for the highest chance of catching limits of fish will be November and December.  See outline of catch limits in the chart below:

Regulations always subject to change please check fishing regulations before heading to the River

The Humptulips River 2015 Season is set for a 2 King limit through September and then 1 King and 1 Coho through November 16th followed by 2 Coho through November and 1 hatchery coho in December.  We have had great success fishing the Humptulips all the way through December in the past but will probably focus our efforts on other local rivers this December.

Humptulips River 2014 had a 3 fish per person limit and our knowledgeable guides know how to fill Limits
The Satsop River is also a very popular local river for fall Salmon.  The 2015 Satsop River Fall Season is set for the retention of 3 salmon including 1 hatchery King Salmon.  The Satsop River is closest to I-5 for the smaller rivers which lends itself to crowded conditions.  If you can find a good day during the week to fish here you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and lots of nice fish.

The Satsop and Chehalis Rivers get especially large Coho Salmon as you can see from this 2014 early October Photo
The Wynoochee River is left fairly untouched in the hustle of the Fall Fishing Season around Grays Harbor.  The author of this blog was born and raised on the Wynoochee and looks out the front window every day to see this beautiful river flowing quietly to the Chehalis River.  Needless to say this river is our favorite and there is definitely opportunities to fish this river each fall as well.  The 2015 Salmon Season for the Wynoochee River is set for 2 hatchery or native Coho Salmon!  My grandparents tell stories of the salmon runs being so large on this river that they could practically catch the returning salmon with their hands while wading in the waters.  If only they had go pro back then - would love to see grandma out there trying to catch salmon.

That concludes our overview of the Wynoochee, Satsop, Chehalis and Humptulips Rivers for the Fall 2015 Salmon Seasons.  If you're interested in a fishing trip check out our online calendars and booking app or text email anytime.  253.389.0359  ONLINE CALENDARS AND BOOKING INFO

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Salmon Fishing on the Washington Coast

Time to Unwind

Fall Salmon Fishing on the Washington Coast

Fall King and Coho Salmon on the Coast are the perfect excuse to get away from the daily grind and take a break in the cool renewing air of the Olympic National Park and Rain Forest.  A short drive from Seattle/Tacoma/Portland and you're all alone in the forest.  Just you, your best fishing buddy and your guide - on a remote creek, such as the Queets or Humptulips, with lines in the water waiting for a take down.  

For the elite few who've made the trek to fish with Aaron in the Olympic National Park the rewards have been trophy king, coho and steelhead along with bear, deer, elk and bald eagle sighting all while drifting down a remote stream fed by waters trickling off the rain forest floor.  

Every fall it's a ritual to welcome the extended darkness of night and refreshing fall rains with a trip to the Lake Quinault LodgeResort or Lochaerie Cabins.  Spend a day or two fishing on the nearby Queets, Clearwater or Humptulips, enjoy a perfect meal and excellent service at the Lake Quinault Lodge's 5 star restaurant overlooking the lake surrounded by forests, paddle a canoe out into the middle of the sacred Lake Quinault at dusk or dawn.  Take a drive from North to Southshore Roads to check on the Roosevelt Elk.  Make the annual pilgrimages to the giant spruce and cedar trees just short hikes from the road.  

Yup.  It's that time of year again.  Hit the refresh button on your commitment to your deep inner love for raw nature and adventure with a couple days on the coast - harvesting fall salmon and treating yourself and a guest or two to the perfect Pacific NW get away.

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